Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Ways To Speak Chinese More Fluently And Confidently

Learning foreign languages is becoming popular by every passing day. While some people learn foreign languages for interest and passion, others do it for improving their portfolio or increased chances of bagging jobs. One language which is very popular among language learners is Chinese. One way to learn Mandarin Chinese is by joining a language class but since this language is difficult to grasp, one may need several alternative or additional ways to speak Chinese more fluently. The following are the best ways to speak this language more confidently and with increased fluency:
Chinese Language Flash Cards

Using Chinese language learning apps

One of the best ways to learn Chinese is to use Chinese Language Flash Cards.   There are several apps which can be downloaded on your iPhone or other handsets and help one to practice Chinese language anywhere and anytime.  What these apps do is that they improve a person’s Chinese vocabulary and fluency. The following is the list of a few Chinese language apps:
•    Chinese HSK test app-this is a very useful app, especially for those who are about to appear for the Chinese HSK test. This app comes with several dummy questions which can be asked in the test and help one to prepare better.
•    Online Chinese-English dictionary- this is another app which makes Chinese learning much simpler and more effective. In these types of apps, one can get a dictionary of Chinese terms with their English translation. Thus, even when a person is on the go, he can practice Chinese words anywhere on his mobile phone through Chinese-English online dictionary app.
Chinese-English online dictionary app
•    Chinese character flashcard apps-these apps work like flashcards and make learning of Chinese characters very interactive, easy and fun. Unlike traditional flashcards, these flashcard apps are equipped with several other modern features like animation, video files, audio files, images and content.

Speaking in the language as much as possible

Another way to speak Chinese more fluently is to practice speaking it as much as possible, without the fear of getting it wrong. Only by regular practice can one truly master the language and along with the Chinese language learning apps, one can easily know when he/she is speaking it wrong.  If you have a Chinese friend or another person who knows Chinese, try to spend time with them to test your Chinese language skills.

Watch Chinese movies and listen to Chinese music

Since Chinese language is greatly dependent upon tones and sounds, it is important for you to listen to as much Chinese as possible to get the tone right. For this, you can rent Chinese movie DVDs or listen to Chinese radio or music tracks. This will help you get the hang of the language and make learning fun and interactive.

Some other ways to master Chinese include joining an online Chinese group, reading Chinese books, novels and stories, visiting China or taking up audio Chinese language courses. If you wish to download any of the above mentioned linguistic apps, you can refer to Purplepandaglobal.

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